Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visiting The Original Din Tai Fung..Delicious!!

Oh YUM! Think we will be going back to Din Tai Fung tomorrow. It's just right down the street from our hotel, just near Starbucks. Only took a photo of one of our dumpling dishes from tonight, because I'm embarassed to say how much we ate. Mmmmmmmmmm. LOL. 

Then went strolling looking for AIT, which is very nearby, but we never found it. :) Getting online now to find out where we went wrong. Tonight will be spent completing some last minute paperwork and getting it all together for our visa appt in 12 hours! WOW...we LOVE Taiwan! Taipei is great. Seems quite safe, and all are friendly here. We have SERIOUSLY turned some heads tonight on the streets of Taipei. It is pretty funny to see people walk past you staring and then doing a complete turn around to check you out! LOL! Here are a few pics from tonight for you.....Andrew enjoyed the rice again, and fell asleep in his sling on the way back to the hotel.

Night View Of Taipei 101 from Din Tai Fung/Rido Hotel
Din Tai Fung

Sleeping Like A Baby
Din Tai Fung Dumplings

Daddy And Andrew At Din Tai Fung

Andrew Enjoys The View Of Daan Park From Our Room

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a very nice area! Love the photo of Andrew and Jarrod at the table. Cute!