Tuesday, June 9, 2009

11am appt update

At our 11am appt we left andrew's visa photos with AIT. We were asked if we had our new fingerprinting update sent here. We said, yes we did, but not sure if they have sent it yet. They do not have it on file. He said they will check their computer system to see if it was sent in that last day or so, if not then AIT will email the US national visa center to request that it be forwarded here directly to AIT. He said if this needs to be done it "should" ONLY take 1-2 days. LOL! At this point we just have to laugh. Now we are to return to AIT at 1am EST for andrew's visa interview with the boss there. So at 1am, we will head back for the third time today, and see what else we need, hopefully to pick up his visa tomorrow. We may be calling the national visa center and congressman in the morning when they open to expedite the process if necessary. Please keep praying. :)

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