Monday, June 8, 2009

More Photos From Today...More to come

After nap time in the hotel, we were able to meet the physician who referred Andrew's bio mom to Deana. He is also the doctor who delivered Andrew. We also met the nurse who was there at his delivery as well. Dr. Lee and his wife are just precious and it was our honor to meet them!

Then we went to a Christian book store, much like the ones here. I was able to find two precious books in Chinese and Mandarin for the children. 

Next we went over to the church to meet Andrew's biological mother. Our visit with her was wonderful, but bittersweet. We were able to tell her many things about our family, and also to find out more about her and her family. We took many photos during the meeting, which we will be able to share with Andrew one day. He is truly loved and we are so blessed. 

We also had a little time to spend with Pauline and Deana as well. This trip has been such a whirlwind. I highly recommend a minimum of 3 days, not TWO in Taitung. We didn't have a choice due to the timing of our AIT appt. and short time to plan, but if you have time do stay in Taitung 3 days. Incredible city and wonderful people, ESPECIALLY Deana and Luke. Words can not express what wonderful people they are. Their ministry is truly amazing. Please pray for more support for their ministry, as they need it and deserve it for all of their time and efforts, which can't really be appreciated until you experience their "typical" day. We are here Taiwan praying for all of you who are awaiting your journey to your children. 

For those of you traveling to Taitung, we highly recommend the Kindness Hotel. The hotel is VERY clean, rooms are nice, and it's only about $70 per day US!! That includes free internet, VERY nice breakfast in their hotel dining room, and great"snack" from 10p-midnight, which is a little more than a snack. LOL. Neverending Cafe Latte, Espresso, and Cappucino. Think it also includes free bikes for touring around. There is a business center for printing, although the commands such as "print" are written in Mandarin. A little challenging! LOL! Coming up next...trip to Taipei!

Andrew's delivery room doctor and nurse
Andrew's Delivery Room MD
We love Dr. Lee!
Bike Ride Anyone? Our Hotel Has Them!
Andrew and Mommy

Kindness Hotel Taitung

The many faces of Andrew....

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