Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UPDATE regarding AIT appointment this morning

OK...here's the scoop. Please keep praying. We are going back for another appointment at AIT for Andrew's visa at 11pm tonight EST, as they have requested some additional time to review the new documents that we brought to them this morning. Also, they needed a few additional passport photos of Andrew, in the event that they do give us a US visa for him. We left there, went and had the photos done, no problem, Kodak place just next to AIT. Then had breakfast...croissanwich at Burger King! LOL! Back to the hotel for Andrew's nap time, as he was passing out. They did ask about one additional piece of paperwork, that we do not have, but we can get it today if they absolutely need it. Please keep praying that we say all of the right things at our 11am appt., and that they approve his visa without any difficulty whatsoever. Thanks and love you all! Will post an update sometime later after our next appt at 11PM your time tonight!!!

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