Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thankful For Blessings

All is continuing to go well since we have arrived home. Thanks to our church family, and my mother, we have been extremely well cared for and loved beyond measure. I don't know what we would have done without you. You are such a blessing to us!

Jet lag seems to have finally ended for both of us. We have spent the last week battling a bug, and the children have had Roseola. So thankful that we are all starting to feel better now.

The children love their little brother, and we haven't noticed any jealousy at all. They all play well together and it just seems that things have always been this way. Andrew just stepped right in as though he knew he belonged in our family, just as we had been praying for so long that he would. He is such a precious child. We are thanking the Lord for all of His great blessings.

Please pray for our friends Becky and Rodney, who left today for Taiwan to get their precious son Carson. They have to go through the same process that we did, so pray that they find incredible favor at AIT and have no difficulties in bringing Carson home.

Here are a few new photos for you all. Hope you enjoy them

Fireman Small Making Silly Faces
Bath Time

Leaning To Jump Rope
Precious Baby Boy

Sporting Big Brother's Hat

Pre-Bath Turbin

One Very Happy Baby


Dunns said...

Hi Anita,

Andrew is beautiful!! I loved really your journey to Andrew, it's amazing story. I do have a few questions about your hotel & flight. Were hoping to be traveling in August or September to bring our daughter home. I've been researching hotels, and the Rido has been my 1st choice, but until recently have changed my mind about Rido. I've read there's a 20 min walk to MRT, is that true? And they don't have a breakfast buffet, but they bring you breakfast to your room. How was your breakfast? And there's no wifi in room. I'm sold on Eva airlines, I finding them being the cheapest. You did have a plug-in at your sit for your computer, bottle warmers or anything for a plug? We have decided were going out of San Francisco instead of LAX. Sorry about all the questions, but your itinerary is the same that I've putting together. I live in Atlanta, not far from Nashville, which I love Nashville.


Courage said...

OMGoodness! Everyone looks so well adjusted! God is so good to give each of us just what we need! Andrew is little doll!!! Perfect for your sweet family! Can't wait to meet him!

HisTaiHens said...

hi there! Andrew is precious, adorable..LOVE his hair!! He is so happy and the other kiddos seem happy and smiling to ear to ear about him!! How awesome!!
Just wanted to pop in and say hi and i am so glad for all the happiness that is at your home now that the wait is over!!

Tonya said...

Hi Anita,
Andrew looks so cute and soooo happy!