Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Journey Home

God is so good, and has answered all of our prayers. Andrew is continuing to bond very well to both of us, and is such a sweet baby. He slept for the first half of the plane ride back, which was our goal so that he would also sleep after we checked into our hotel in LA for the night. The trip went very well. He continues to only be fussy when he is sleepy or hungry. The process at LAX through immigration and customs was really a breeze. Not sure if it was the time our plane came in or not. We landed around 9pm Pacific time and were out of LAX awaiting our shuttle to the hotel by 10pm! Truly amazing! We checked out of our hotel around 6:30 am and headed back to LAX. We flew Southwest back to Nashville. There is an area on the second floor where families with children can get through security MUCH faster that through the outdoor line!!! You take and elevator to the second floor security area. We grabbed a quick breakfast from McDonalds and boarded the plane around 8am. The flight went smoothly and we landed in Nashville around 3pm EST. We had a two hour drive back home, and were all very thankful that the trip went so well. There were so many prayers answered by the Lord! We can't believe that he is home now and a part of our lives forever. He seems to be doing well with everything that's new to him. The children love him and are so glad to have us back home. I am still waiting for the jet lag to pass, and don't feel so great, but it is so worth it to have him home. Please remember to pray for those who are continuing to wait to bring their babies home. We know that prayer has made an amazing difference in our lives as well as in Andrew's. Thanks again for all of your love, prayers, and support during our adoption process. Love, Jarrod and Anita


HisTaiHens said...

So incredibly happy for you guys!!! I am breathing a sigh of relief for you :)

Anonymous said...

How is the transition coming? Keep posting! I'd love to see photos with Matilyn and Matthew!

Tisra said...

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see more!