Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIG NEWS....BIG NEWS...We have our miracle!!

God is soooooo good and we are once again in awe!

We are traveling THIS Friday to bring our baby boy home! PRAISE THE LORD!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!

It is all falling into place, though as you can imagine with such short notice it's a little bit hectic around here. (So happy to have this to "fuss" about!!!) Thank you just doesn't seem enough to say to all of you who have been praying. The Lord has answered and we are thrilled! As always, His timing is perfect. We will be flying out on our 16 year anniversary! Now, how's that for an anniversary present?!

Please continue to pray for our safe travels, for the children while we are gone, and that we have no problems in Taipei with bringing Andrew home. Also please remember Jarrod's sister in your prayers, who will be here at the house keeping 4 under the age of 5. She is just incredible and we are blessed to have her in our lives. We are continuing to remember our friends in prayer, who are waiting to bring their precious baby boy home, and our many other friends who are in the midst of this crazy process. Please pray that they hear some incredible news from AIT soon as well. We love you all and look forward to introducing you to Andrew very soon. :)


HisTaiHens said...

YAY!! Doing a happy dance with you and crying tears of joy!!! Oh God is so good and I am so thankful with you that your aching arms will soon be full!!

Tonya said...

I am so thrilled for you! YAY!!!!!
Safe travels--can't wait to see pictures of Andrew in your arms!!!!

The Tweetens said...

What great news!! I am so excited for you. We had less than a week to pack...I thought that was short notice. :) Enjoy every minutes of it. So thankful Andrew is coming home!

Courage said...

Praise the Lord! Praying for your strength during your travels! God be with you and bless you and keep you! Also cannot wait to see Andrew in tow....whoohooo!