Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taipei, Here We COME!

This morning we awakened, showered, finished packing, and ran to breakfast. More yummy food, and then we met Deana and Luke in the Lobby. We drove straight to the Songshan airport, where Jarrod and Luke purchased our Uni Air tickets for Taipei while Deana and I sat in and flew through some paperwork that we had not had time to do before. WHEW! They it was a quick goodbye through lots of tears, and I went sniffling into security with baby and hubby. We are really missing Deana and Luke already. When we landed in Taipei, someone really nice helped us to find baggage claim (typical helpful people. Love it here!), then we found our hotel directions which we had printed out in Mandarin, gave them to our Taxi driver, and we were on our way. Taxi was nice and clean, seemed very safe, with shoulder seatbelts too! OH, btw, there is a bank at the Taitung airport where you can get change from a nice guy who speaks English at no charge.... So the taxi driver brought us straight to the hotel, no problems. The Rido is another nice hotel. We have a room that is quite large with a great view of the Daan park. Seems that it's a 7 minute walk to AIT. We will be be doing a trial walk to AIT a little later, so we will let you know. We are heading to our translators shortly to pick up some last minute paperwork that we will need for our appt in the morning. The appt at AIT to get Andrew's US Visa is at 8pm Tuesday night EST, so please keep praying. It is our last big hurdle to bringing him home. Stay tuned, more to come......
Daan Park....view from our room at the Rido Hotel Taipei
Great room, nice amt of space, clean, plenty of room for the crib
Room 704

King Sized Bed

Jetted Tub
Bathroom Sink
Foyer In Our Room..NICE!


ethan said...

Ok, so there is so much to say, but I am so jealous! Your BEAUTIFUL hotel rooms for $70! Amazing. Your son is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes to see you all together as a family. I cannot wait to see little Andrew in person and give him a big hug and squeeze. I am going to try to call you later today as I am working night shift tonight!

Lani said...

Wow the rooms are nice, we miss you!

Sarah k said...

Thank you for the pictures of the room as promised.. so very nice! I think that is our choice too!!

Sarah k