Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daddy Ballet

On this particular day, Matilyn was dressed in a wedding gown play dress wanting to dance ballet. Of course, she wanted Daddy to be her partner and hold her as we danced around and around. Matthew did not wish to miss all the fun and motioned for me to pick him up as well. While difficult to hold two children for ballet styled dancing, I managed to make the princess and prince happy. This is the result:

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Sarah k said...

ok... wow! That was certainly a side of Jarrod I have not seen until Ok.. he thinks holding 2 is hard.. just wait!!!! lol. You are movin on up.. to the ummm... TAiwan.... lol... So this was cute. Does he honestly know you posted this? LOL.... just checking. Also Andi looks a little confused.. like "what on earth are you doing dad? and why have I not danced yet?"..LOL