Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Has MD Appointment

Today Bio mom went to the doctor. Deana was able to accompany her to her appointment. She and baby are doing well. Ultrasound confirmed that we are expecting a boy. Still no signs of labor, and so we wait.

After finding out that we will need our passports VERY soon, I frantically gathered all of my paperwork and headed to the post office today to mail in my passport application! I'm so happy to have it in the mail, and I'm praying for a speedy return of it. We need it asap! Our passports went missing a few months back, in our HOME! I think that they were tossed into the trash when cleaning out some old adoption paperwork. UGH!! We have been looking a looking for them, but thought that we wouldn't need them until travel time so had not yet applied for new ones. SURPRISE!! We need them NOW! Jarrod is mailing his app tomorrow and we pray to have them back within a few weeks so that things aren't held up due to needing passports.....

Need to decide on a name asap. This is so difficult. If we just chose names for our children based upon sound it would be soooooo easy! Caring about a solid meaning makes things a little more difficult. And so the hunt begins! We have been pouring over baby name websites, and have come up with quite a list! WOW! We need prayer to pick the right name for baby boy Roussel.

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