Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Has A Middle Name

After much prayer and polling (LOL!!) we finally have a middle name!

Joel means "The Lord Is God"!

Couldn't find a much better meaning than that! Then we love the fact that Joel was a prophet (and a book) in the Bible. And since Jarrod name begins with a J, he will have a first initial from each of us!

We can't wait to hold some photos of our little Andrew Joel Roussel in our hands! And no, we are not planning to call him "AJ". We will call him Andrew. We just aren't ones to shorten their names. Andy won't work, because our puppy has already claimed that one. We like Drew, but think we will stick with Andrew for now.

We are still awaiting a birth day. Please keep little Andrew Joel Roussel in your prayers.

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