Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They Are Here! They Are Here!

We are again doin' the Happy Dance here in Tennessee! Only 10 days after applying for our passports, and after much prayer, the have both arrived!!!! That's right, our passports are now in hand.

God is so amazing! We were told that the current wait was about 1 month. Thanks to everyone who was praying with us about this. Jarrod and I are so thankful! We are now completely ready to move forward with the remaining paperwork, which will be started once Andrew is born.

Got an update from Taiwan today. Bio mom went for another OB appointment. She is now 40+ weeks. On Thursday night the MD is planning to begin induction if mom is not already in labor. She would be 41 weeks on Saturday. It's almost time for our baby boy to enter the world, and we are overjoyed! We can't wait to see our precious little miracle!

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