Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby's First Name Is Confirmed By The Lord !

Well, despite a long list of baby boy names from which to choose, Jarrod and I kept coming back to the name "Andrew". We both really like it. It means valliant and courageous. Also, begins like my name, ANita. However, we weren't 100% sure UNTIL TODAY!

Have you ever had God confirm things to you in a way that you just get CHILLS, KNOWING that HE is speaking directly to you? Today was one of those days.

When we picked the children up from children's church, I just "happened" to glance down and see Matthew's name tag. From a distance something just looked a little different. As I walked towards him I began to make out that the last name was not our! Instead, the last name on his name tag was "ANDREWS"!!!!!! No, I am NOT kidding!!! I took his name tag off and was just standing there holding it in my hands, just staring at it. The children's church volunteers were probably wondering what was wrong. I called Jarrod over, as soon as I had "gathered myself" and said "Look at THIS!" We were both amazed!!! I was able to share the story with three of the volunteers who were also in awe! We serve an AWESOME God! He is so real, and so good. I just know that he was smiling as he planned and executed this one! The volunteer who had placed Matthew's name tag KNOWS our last name. She even stated that, as she looked like she was in shock, staring at the name tag that she had placed onto Matthew's shirt!! She had tears in her eyes!

Needless to say, we are saving the sticker for Andrew's baby book!!!

OK Lord, now we need a MIDDLE name! LOL!!!!!!!

And then ANOTHER miracle occurred! We have been praying and praying to find a great foster family for our baby. Tonight Deana's daughter Pauline offered to foster Andrew for us. We are beyond THRILLED!!! Another answer to prayer. Jehovah Jireh!!!

This was a GREAT GREAT GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!

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