Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Shopping....YEA!

Today we went baby shopping to put together a care package for baby. Some safe bottles and nipples, formula, pacifiers. By the way, who would have ever thought you would have to do RESEARCH in order to find SAFE baby products for your baby! *sigh* It is amazing how many harmful chemicals, etc. are found in baby products, and that includes FORMULA! We should truly demand better from the makers of these products. Anyway....that's another post!

We had sooooo much fun shopping. Matilyn helped me pick a cute little blankie for him. It's extremely soft and has baseballs and bats all over it. We found a precious little toy, a soft toy shaped like a cube that holds 5 pictures. Hopefully he will recogize our faces by the time we go to bring him home. :)

I love baby shopping!! So thankful that we now have a reason to baby shop again!!!

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