Friday, August 29, 2008

Paperwork Causes A Little Stress

Trying to figure out what comes next can be more than a little scary in independent adoption. Thank the Lord for Deana and Luke Pan!

What would we ever do without them!? They are truly God-sent! I don't think that I have EVER met more self-sacrificing and caring people in my life! All of the things that Deana and Luke are willing and able to accomplish on behalf of children and families in need simply amazes us! I could never express our gratitude to them. Never! I often pray that they will receive unbelievable, abundant, and overflowing rewards for all that they do. So much so that they will be amazed! I know that we can NEVER thank them enough, in any way, for all that they have already done for us.

I have been pouring over paperwork issues for days. Tennessee adoption laws, US adoption laws, Taiwanese court requirements, etc. I was recently asked if I was an adoption research geek or if it was greek to me. I have recently confirmed without a doubt that I am a part of the NERD HERD! LOL!!!!

I feel so much better after reviewing all of these laws and upcoming events, and finally feel like we understand the next steps that are coming fairly well. We are as paper ready as possible at this point, which is a blessing.

Prayer request: Please continue to pray that our passports will arrive very quickly.

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