Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Update & Prayer Requests

Andrew is doing well. He seems to be tolerating his formula very well, and from what we hear he is a very good sleeper. (Thank you Lord!) We are so happy that our foster family is not protecting him from noise during nap times, since it's not always quiet around here! LOL!

Please pray as we await an important piece of paper from our social worker, that it arrives very quickly. It is holding us up a bit. Once that paperwork arrives, it will be translated and added to our home study, which can then be sent to us for some final notarizations. We are praying that we will receive the final paperwork soon, so that we can return it to Deana and hopefully around that time be entering court......

Please remember to keep Luke and Deana in your prayers as he travels to China on an important missions trip and she is caring for a house FULL in Taiwan.

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