Monday, September 22, 2008

Homeschooling Preschool

We had a blast today. We did a study of Noah with crafts that were a big hit. While I read from my Bible (Genesis 6-9) we discussed and the children colored. They each colored a rainbow and two pieces of an ark. When they were done we stapled the ark pieces together and added the rainbow for a handle (Matilyn cut out her rainbow. She loves cutting paper with scissors), resulting in some cute little ark baskets. We then added animal crackers to their arks. They had fun loading the animals on board. They were more excited about the clean animals and birds, since they came in 7 by 7!! LOL!

What tastes better than animal crackers from Noah's ark?!!
Enjoying the fruits of our labor, or crackers of our labor if you will....
Completed Ark Baskets
Then we acted out the story using a huge box that we could crawl into. Matthew loved marching up to the box pretending to be all sorts of animals as we sang and made animal noises. Then we made progressively loud rain sounds, followed by progessively quiet rain sounds (mommy's favorite part. LOL!). At the end of the story I hid some "olive branches" and Matilyn was the dove. She went out looking for them and had a blast on her olive branch hunt!

Next we made playdoh animals and loaded them into an ark box. Matilyn made sure to load up plenty of food, so that they wouldn't get hungry!

Cutting Playdoh Animals
This ark is getting full!

It was such a great time together learning about our awesome God!

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Sarah k said...

Wow, that is really creative! What a fun lesson! Ours was numbers and bears, colors, alphabet, and shapes OH MY! lol.. Congratulations on such a wonderful day and learning time!!!