Friday, September 5, 2008

Paperchasing Again

After finding out about Andrew being born, I drove to my mother's house while our Power Of Attorney forms were being sent to us via email. I thought I would save time by being at my mom's when they arrived, since she lives closer to all of the upcoming errands! LOL! So when the POAs arrived, I quickly tried to print them out. What happened next was hours of frustration as I tried to convince mother's computer to print out our documents in CHINESE! Let me just tell you, it wasn't fun and it never worked. Thank the Lord that Jarrod had a computer at work which was much more cooperative, and he was able to print out all of the necessary paperwork. YEA!!!!

Next, I spent the ENTIRE day running around town getting things notarized and county clerk certified. Then it was off to purchase a money order. Next to FedEX and the Post Office to find out the best ways to ship everything! WHEW! I must have been at the post office for OVER AN HOUR as they tried to figure out the right way for me to ship the packages! I kept getting completely incorrect info from them. I have to thank my awesome friend Sarah, because honestly without her insisting that the postal workers were steering me in the entirely wrong direction, I think I would STILL be at the post office...... *sigh*

I am so thankful to mother for keeping our children. Don't know WHAT I would have done without her. They ended up missing their naps. We got home at 7pm, just in time to get them ready for bed before they crashed!!

It was such a busy, but awesome day!! The POAs are in the mail, on their way to TECO and then off to TAIWAN!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we wait for the contracts to arrive, and then start the process again. At least I will know what to do this time around! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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