Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WOOHOOOOOOOO! Contracts have arrived!

I met the mail lady at the door this morning, and almost hugged her! She delivered out contracts and translated home study. This is the FINAL bit of paperwork that we must complete prior to entering the courts in Taiwan. It took quite a while to get the home study from the translators, but we finally have everything in hand! Today I ran around town getting everything notarized and county court certified. Tomorrow it's all going into the mail! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you for your prayers. The Lord has answered again and the next step is complete! We are so thankful!

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Sarah k said...

This is all totally awesome! Especially since you won't have to deal with the crazy ladies at the Post office anymore!!! WOO HOO indeed!!!! So excited for you.. oh and look at MY SITE.. you have been tagged sister!!!

Sarah k