Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Today the children received their birthday present, a playhouse! They love it and spent a ton of time outside cooking for us and for each other, playing peek-a-boo, and just going into and out of the playhouse. It was so much fun to watch. We love this house, as we can all easily fit inside with room for more! It has a little kitchen cooktop and sink, and a table too. They love the shutters and bay windows. It was a great surprise!
Very Excited About Our Playhouse
Matilyn Discovers That The Playhouse Makes A Great Puppet Theater
The Show Called "Paprika and Paprika", Named After These Two Puppets. I Guess They Are Twins.... LOL!!
Mr Personality Poses In The House
Paprika Rings The Doorbell! She Loves Doing That!! LOL!!

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RuthieMc said...

Anita, Where did you buy the playhouse? I want to get Anna Belle one for Christmas. I hope that Jarrod and Matthew had a wonderful birthday today. Andrew is beautiful. So squeezably soft.

Love you all, Ruth