Monday, October 27, 2008

Video Update Has Arrived! YEA!!!!!!

Hello everyone. We received a video update today. We are sooooo excited. Here is our squeeky nosed little guy. Also a peek at him hold up his head during tummy time. Matilyn was THRILLED to see him laying on the blanket that she picked out for him! Please join us in praying that we are able to apply for a court date this week. We are awaiting the go ahead from the American Consulate in Taiwan before we can proceed.

Enjoy! ;)


Sarah k said...

Too cute! Is it just me or does he somehow favor Anita??? I think I am going crazy! lol..

Sarah k

HisTaiHens said...

Hi Anita - 1st- He is soo cute!!
I hope your preapproval comes soon, so you can get your hands on that little boy fast!!
next, I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged can go to my blog to get the details. If you don't want to do it, I understand. It's fun though.

Anonymous said...

The Video is great and you are right...His foster family is taking wonderful care of him. So are you guys going to learn Chinese? I also was thrilled to see the pictures of the Fall Festival. What a joy to see how your family is growing and sharing life instead of just existing. May God continue to bless your beautiful family!!!!!!!!