Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun At The Neighborhood Fall Festival

Tonight was our neighborhood fall festival. We all had a great time! There was a jump castle, inflatible slide, clowns, face painting, hair painting, balloon animals, popcorn, a live band, bbq, pizza, ice cream, and nintendo wii hooked up to big screen tvs (hilarious!). Jarrod said the Wii was pretty acurate, since his bowling score was his normal 118. LOL! AND Jarrod and I each won a door prize! It was such a blessing to see friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Balloon Animals ROCK!
She's Painting a BUS on my arm. wow!
The bounce castle stradle jump. LOVE that HAIR!

OK, Who's Scared And Who's Having Fun?!! LOL!!!!
The Boys Brave The Slope
Flying down the BIG slide! WOOHOOOOO!
Just Havin' Fun
This popcorn is so goooooood

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Sarah k said...

Awesome fun!! and ummm.. YOU looked scared!! LOL.. reminds me of this summer where Jer insisted I go on this house thing with a slide and such and it was horrible! I couldn't wait to get out and he was screaming but we were stuck in there and HAD to go through.. UGH!!! it stunk!!!

Sarah k