Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NEW PICS! Our Precious Baby Boy Is Growing!

OK, I know that I'm a biased mommy, but isn't this one of the most adorable babies you have ever seen!!? Thanks for taking such great care of our little one Pauline! Thanks for sending new pics Deana! We love our little boy, and it's so much fun seeing his sweet face again.


rachael said...

That is some cute baby! LOVE his full head of hair! I read the whole month of blogs today, and it was so cool! Thank you for including all of us in your journey. We love and miss you!

Anita said...

NO, you are NOT prejudice....He's ADORABLE!! Oh ya just wanna pick him up and never put him down, huh? Praying for a speedy process to bring your son home!!

Sarah k said...

What a YUMMY baby boy!! He is just tooo cute!!! I love the first picture!

Sarah k