Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We need a miracle

Posting a brief update. We are growing quite discouraged here at times. Our travel has been delayed, and at this point apart from a miracle I don't know that we will even be able to travel by May 11th. We had requested our AIT appt for May 18th, but it seems that things just aren't moving much, and I don't see how we could even get an appt. with AIT by May 18th at this point. AIT has a current 2.5 week delay between when they decide to give you an appt. and when one is available. That means that all of our paperwork must be received, mailed to translators, translated, sent to AIT and reviewed by them all within the next 2 weeks in order for us to even get an appt. with them on May 18th. And, if the do receive our things about 2 weeks from now and give us the date of the 18th, that means our child care provider will only be able to give less than 2 weeks notice at work, which I am not sure will work either. Please pray for a miracle with the timing of all of this. Even without thinking of the planning aspect of the travel for everyone, the thought of actually getting the paperwork ready and sent to AIT and having them review it within the next 2 weeks is not seeming likely at this point to us. And then there is the issue of our home study. We are thinking that we will have to go ahead and update it if we don't hear something about an AIT appt. soon, which will cost around $400-500. Then there is another trip to Atlanta for re-fingerprinting. Oh, did I mention that our US government paperwork approval is about to expire the first of June, which could even push our travel into July or August? Lord, we need miracles here.......


Jennifer&Eric said...

We're joining you in praying for a miracle! God can do it!!


ethan said...

Hi friend. Thinking of you and praying for you often. I know this pain!