Saturday, April 25, 2009

God Is SO Good!!!

Ok, this one's for YOU Mary! LOL! I wasn't going to post yet, as we have had an exhausting week. Still trying to get everything ready for our new addition. How can we NOT be ready yet? Will we ever be "ready"?! Does it feel this way EVERY time that you have a child? I know that it did for us the last 2 times as well.....LOL! 

So, on Tuesday our power of attorney received our FINAL DECREE for the courts!!! This means that according to the courts in Taiwan, Andrew is now officially our son! This is incredible news and we are thrilled! God is truly moving mountains, as our first and final decrees were both translated and in the mail to the American Institute in Taiwan by the next day. Thanks Luke and Deana!! AIT received our paperwork at the end of this past week, and they are currently in the process of reviewing it. 

We are praying that we find out an appointment date for Andrew's visa from AIT by Sunday evening or Monday. We are specifically praying to get the date of May 18th. If we get this appointment date, we will not have to update our US paperwork, and will be "leaving on a jet plane" about 2 weeks from now! The Lord has done great things, and we are amazed to see how perfectly He has planned it all. This should NEVER surprise us, but somehow He always does, and in such a sweet and wonderful way. 

The other great news is that it appears that he has also done a miracle in allowing our precious friends to be in Taiwan at the exact same time as us, when they will also be meeting their son for the very first time! Our sons have been in the same foster home together, and for us to be traveling together will be a real miracle, since up until this point we have been on different time frames in the adoption process. We are soooooooo excited about this!

So to sum it all up, God has done it again! We are overjoyed and waiting with great expectations for an AIT appointment, at which time we can make flight arrangements! Please continue to pray for our travel time, and also for Becky and Rodney as they prepare to travel as well. They are waiting for final decree, which they should receive soon. Also, there are many others who are waiting to bring their babies home. Please remember them in your prayers too.

We can not thank you all enough for your prayers and support! We love you!! Will let you know as soon as we hear from AIT! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!


ethan said...

I am THRILLED for your family! Finally! I know you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and how God has worked together all the fine details in his time. Never our time is, it, but it is His perfect plan. Keep me up to date. I cannot wait to get these precious babies together and see what He has done this year for our families!
Mary C

Becky and Rodney said...

WooHoo!!! We are so excited to get to travel with you guys too!! Hurry up appointment date!! lol

Jann said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with me. I continue to hope and pray for you both! Love ya, Jann