Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh YES, Lovin' The New Camera!

Ok...the Lord has GIVEN us a new camera, well, actually two new cameras. A friend of ours had a raffle to raise money for her adoption, and we WON THE GRAND PRIZE. We were so excited! The Lord allowed this to happen during the most difficult week of our adoption journey. The awesome camera that we won replaced an older model of the same camera that we owned. It's a fantastic Canon DSLR, with some really great upgrades over our old model. Thus, this new one works with all of our lenses and our external flash! WOOHOO!! 

Jarrod and I both have a love for photography, but I have never truly found the DSLR love, soooooooooo as a result of winning our great new DSLR we have been able to sell our old camera. Thus I have been able to purchase my dream camera as well. 

God is so good, and this sweet gift from Him has come at a time when we really needed some encouragement. My new Canon Powershot SX1 IS came in the mail today, and below you will see some of the results that I got straight out of the box on automatic setting! The SX1 IS is amazing, much like a DSLR, but I don't have to change the lenses because it has a great wide angle as well as a fantastic zoom built right into the camera body! And did I mention that it does High Def. Videos as well? I won't bore you with all of the other things it does, but let's just say I am beyond thrilled! 

Wanted to share with you some of our very first shots. Can't wait to photograph and video our baby boy in Taiwan! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


ethan said...

I am so sorry you have had a difficult wait. Thinking of you often.

Lani said...

she is sooo beautiful!!