Monday, December 1, 2008

Hallelujah! A Court Date Has Been Given!

We a thrilled to announce that we have our court date!!! We are praising the Lord for this much anticipated news. While we were anxious to hear a date, we have been praying that all will happen on His timeline, not ours, so we are excited about the date.

We will be entering court on December 29th, 2008!!! We are hoping to travel no later than March 2009 to get Andrew, although it is possible that we will be traveling sooner. For those of you who are following along to get some idea of a timeline for your own adoption, here is how things have gone since referral:

Referral Received: Prior to Andrew's delivery
Birthday: Andrew was born September 5, 2008
(We had all of the possible paperwork done on our end at this point). As quickly as possible after Andrew's delivery we completed the POA and Adoption Contracts and returned them to Taiwan. This could not be done prior to his delivery.
Applied to/registered for court in Taiwan: November 6, 2008
Court Date Received: December 1, 2008
Court Date Will Be: December 29, 2008

Please keep Andrew, our family, and of course Pauline and the Pans in your prayers. Praying that you all have a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' birthday! :)


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Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you.