Friday, December 12, 2008

Calling ALL Prayer Warriors!

We are asking for prayer from everyone. Our niece Gabrielle (only two days younger than Andrew) is sick. Please pray for little Gabrielle to be healed!

Also....Andrew has run out of his formula, and we have sent more via USPS. (Yes, he is eating, just a different kind of formula). HOWEVER the shipment was STOPPED in Taipei, and the Taipei post office is requesting that Luke and Deana come to TAIPEI to pick it up! That is not a small trip! They are holding our baby's formula hostage!! Please pray that when Luke speaks with them that they will immediately ship Andrew's formula on to Luke and Deana, if not sooner.......

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Sarah k said...

Let the formula go! Let the formula go!!!! Come on man... the baby has to eat!!

Sarah k