Sunday, December 21, 2008

God Provides One Step At A Time

You know, in the midst of seemingly impossible circumstances, it still amazes me to stand and watch the Lord work. He always proves Himself faithful in His perfect timing. It's wonderful to watch Him work in the lives of others and marvel as He moves mountains. And then there are many times when He works in our own lives and we almost can't believe that He has chosen to show His grace and favor to us. And we are still surprised and awed each and every time that He moves! And then time goes by, and we wonder if He is still at work in our lives. As we follow Him, we must always remember that even when the Lord seems silent, His plan is unfolding perfectly. He IS at work, all His will is coming to pass, in His time.

Our adoption of Andrew has been quite the journey of watching the Lord in His faithfulness and perfect ways pave the path to bring Andrew home to us. We started the journey wondering how in the world we could ever afford to adopt him. We took the first step of faith and decided that we were not going to worry. If the Lord has called us to adopt Andrew, as we are walking in Him and He will provide. And provide He has! Over and over again! Not all at once in a HUGE monetary donation from one individual, but through His people little by little over time. And sometimes He has even provided through those who don't know Him at all. We have never had an abundance of finances in this journey, but have always had just what we need, walking in faith and watching Him provide step by step. And, He's done it AGAIN!!

We were recently looking at airplane fares and wondering HOW in the world we are going to pay for the entire flight. The Lord has blessed my work with H&GP and we have saved quite a bit to go towards our trip, but not the entire amount. And as of today, we have found out that a family friend is donating round trip tickets for both Jarrod and myself from TN to California! Paid in full! We are so thankful that now our domestic portion of airfare has been covered. Praise the Lord!! We can't wait to see how the rest of this journey will unfold!

Please pray for us, the judge in our case, and the Pans who will be representing us in court on December 29th. We also ask that you pray for our friends Becky and Rodney who are adopting Carson. Their court date is Feb. 5th.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas celebration, as you celebrate the most wonderful gift ever given. Oh, and we hope you enjoy the new pics! I went a LITTLE photo HAPPY! LOL!! :)

I love playing with my Pauline

This is Deana doing what we call "tickle bug"!

Me and my buddy Carson. He's coming home soon too!

I'm getting a LITTLE tired....


Tisra said...

You are SO CLOSE!!!! The Lord DOES provide and I am so glad that through this process He has been more real and loving and faithful than you've ever seen or felt before!

I am praying right now for a successful and uneventful court appointment this month!

Becky and Rodney said...

Two cutie pies!! Thanks so much for getting those for me! Great Christmas surprise!! Merry Christmas!