Friday, February 8, 2008

Makin' Pretzels

We had a great morning, which went something like this:
-Bible Reading and worship/singing time

-Free play time/mommy makes breakfast

-Prayer and breakfast

-Marching to the music: Tap lids, spoons, puzzle pieces and march/dance to music

-Clip clothespins onto shoe box, drop clothes pins into containers

-Talk about memory game card photos

-Make pretzels together

-Lunch time snack

-Nap time

I would have to say that making homemade pretzels with Matilyn was one of the highlights of the morning. She loved getting her hands into the dough and shaping the pretzels. Matilyn had the great idea to add raisins to the pretzel dough. I then decided to add cinnamon and sugar. The end product was divine! YUM!

After nap time we played ball outside. This early spring weather is wonderful! When dad came home he took the little ones on the bike trailer for a nice ride around the neighborhood. They had a blast!





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