Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fingerprinting In Atlanta, MATCH WARNING!

Today Nina kept the children while we made our trek to Atlanta for fingerprinting. We are amazed at how quickly the process is moving towards our I171H! It makes me wonder how quickly a referral is on the way. It seems that we are one couple out of seven awaiting a referral through our facilitators in Taiwan. We are in awe as we watch God's hand moving throughout the process! For the fingerprinting we were expecting a large federal building with a ton of security or something, and instead found ourselves inside a one story business center office, much like where you might get your driver's license. We entered the doors and were told to leave all cell phones, cameras, and pocket PC devices in the car. They didn't even want purses in the building. Next we filled out a short form and were given a number to await our fingerprinting. We waited approximately 45 minutes prior to being called and the process went fairly smoothly. I remember reading that someone on the Yahoo adoption boards was very concerned during her fingerprinting process, when she saw the words "MATCH WARNING" pop up on the computer. I am SOOOO glad that I read her post, because I also had the same experience for at least one of my fingerprints, and Jarrod did on one of his also. We had to laugh about it!

Afterwards we celebrated by going to The Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!!! What a treat, especially since we don't have a Cheesecake Factory in Chattanooga.

It was a great day and we are very thankful that everything is moving right along.......

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