Monday, February 4, 2008

Child-sized spaces = Happy child faces

I have been doing some reading and praying about being the best mom that I can possibly be. It amazes me some of the mothers that the Lord has brought into my life who have offered invaluable advice. One helped to restore my sanity by helping me find a solution to Matilyn's resistance to going to bed at night without severe protest. Then comes the answer to my prayers, the positive reward chart. Thanks Claudia! You are such a Godsend!

Most recently I discovered a website and blog by a Christian homeschooling mother of 12. She is also an adoptive parent and a prior Montessori teacher. I have learned so much about homeschooling and working with toddlers and preschoolers from reading her blog posts, and can't wait to get a copy of her book, "Mommy, Teach Me". Her name is Barbara Curtis. While I may not agree with her on all issues, I really enjoy reading her wonderful insight into being a Christian mom and teaching children.

Anyway, as a result of reading her blog I decided to get down onto the children's level (literally) to view the rooms in our home from their perspective. WOW! Everything looked so huge. This caused me to re-think some of the layout of spaces within the house. Yesterday and today were spent creating child friendly book nooks and creative play areas within the play room, Matilyn's room, and Matthew's room. We had so much fun today enjoying the new spaces! I am posting some photos, taken before the new art was hung (on their level, of course). I'm so excited about how this turned out. The amazing thing is that we didn't spend a penny, but worked to find creative ways to use what we already have. Yippee!! So, here are some photos of our new spaces.....

[slideshow id=1585267068837647825&w=505&h=370]

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