Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More "seemingly" big mountains

We are now facing another obstacle. AIT is now requesting an appointment with Andrew's birth mother in order to interview her. They have had our paperwork for weeks now, and after writing to them directly, this is what we have heard. They have requested that we have her contact them to schedule an interview. We are continuing to pray for more miracles. That they will agree to speak with her in the next day or two, and that immediately after they speak with her they will give us our visa appointment for May. So that's the latest......we are facing mountains, but we serve the God Who moves them! :)


ethan said...

He CAN move mountians! Thinking of you all and little Andrew. I wish I could just pick him up on my way home since I am over here!

Jarrod And Anita said...

Me too, Mary! So glad that you are heading home soon. Can't wait to meet Julia and to see you HOME at last! God is so good! :)

Becky and Rodney said...

I love that song!!! Thanks, I needed to hear that this morning!! Praying we both get to travel in May!!!