Friday, May 22, 2009

Adoption Update

Well, Tina had her interview at AIT. It was 3 hours of repetitious questioning. She was almost in tears after it was all over. Some of their questions are quite concerning and just didn't sit right with any of us. That being said, we COULD get approval from AIT next week. However, with all of the red flags that they are sending up in our case and another case as well (PLEASE keep praying for them too), Jarrod and I have contacted our government representative's office. We are encouraged, as the two people there who are currently assisting us are extremely helpful. Truly God-sends! They are beginning to cautiously step in, so as to not offend and make things worse, but to hopefully keep things moving in the right direction. We are pleading with all of you to continue praying with us during this crucial time in our adoption. Only the Lord knows why all of these things are happening, and how they will be resolved. We are continuing to trust in Him for wisdom, guidance, and peace in the midst of the storm. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. This is a huge trial, but we are believing for miracles!


The Tweetens said...

I'm glad to see an update, and will continue praying. God can move those mountains, and we are praying He will!

Anonymous said...

What a journey! I hope Tina is doing better since her interview. I'm glad you got your representative involved. This situation sounds really messed up. I know God has a plan for your family that is good, and it is really neat to see your trust in Him. We all love you and miss you!

Jennifer&Eric said...

Prayers from the Johnson family right here in your neck of the woods!

Be strong and take courage. Trust in God's plans for your hope and future.


HisTaiHens said...

Hi there...just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you. Hoping you here something soon. Knowing te waiting is hard and harder as time passes. So comforted that you know the Almighty who will deliver you through this! Hugs through a computer :)