Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome to our blog! Why "BIG Loves?"

Hello everybody and welcome to our family blog. In case you were wondering we chose the site "Big Loves" because it is a phrase heard often around our home, referring to BIG HUGS! We are a family who loves to hug and have fun. Our three-year-old daughter enjoys talking about how we will meet Jesus one day and He will "give us BIG LOVES and swing us around!" It's a heart warming picture of Christ's love for us all.

Our names are Jarrod and Anita. We have two biological children, our daughter who is almost three and our son who is nearing one year. They are both such blessings and we are so thankful to be their parents. We are currently beginning the adoption process to bring our third child home from Taiwan. Here you will find information about our life's journey and all that God is doing in the process. We are so excited to see all that He has in store!

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