Monday, October 15, 2007

Discovering Walnuts

Today we went on a nature walk. Our Nina came along. Matilyn had a great time collecting leaves, which we will use tonight to make a placemat during craft time with mommy. Matilyn also found her first walnuts on the ground. They had fallen from a neighbor's tree. Nina had a great idea to bring them home and help Matilyn to crack them. Well, they were still green and stained everything in sight during the cracking process! Needless to say, after trying to open one of them the others are being left to dry out in the sun! :) God gave us such a beautiful day and we had fun enjoying it together. We were even able to stop for a short while at the playground.

Nature Walk With Our Nina

Nina With The Children Enjoying The Day



Found a walnut. I've never seen one of these before


Blowing Dandelions

Blowing Dandelion



Baby Boy With His Nina



Sweet Girl Swings In Her Shades


Leaf Hunt

I found some leaves mommy


I found one!

See them?!


Craft Time With Leaves

The girls have craft time


Creating Leaf Placemat

Fun with glue and leaves


Sweet Hands

Little hands at work


Finished Leaf Placemat

Finished product. This place mat helps us to remember our awesome God,our nature walk, and the time we spent together.



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