Sunday, February 22, 2009

News... prayers needed

Well, we did finally hear from our judge last week, who has decided that she DOES need the entire copy of our state laws on adoption, even the domestic/USA parts. So, she now has them, in English (which she said was OK). We are not sure how she is going to read them. Please pray that she finds what she needs soon so that we will get approval to bring Andrew home. We are the first in a line of adoption cases that she is hearing, so I pray that we are at least paving the way for others to sail quickly through court without difficulty. Please remember them in prayer as well, as some of those families are also aready in the court process with this same judge. Looks like the earliest we would travel would be sometime in April. We pray that it's no later than that, since Andrew is already 5 months old now. Thanks again to all of our prayer warriors. You are all precious to us and we can never thank you enough!


HisTaiHens said...

Will keep praying!!!

He IS coming HOME!!!!

He is!!! He is!!!

It will be soon!!!

Praying for the judge to feel a snese of ease and peace that will allow her to issue a ruling!!!!

rachael said...

we love you, and thank the Lord she didn't want then translated! WOW!!