Monday, January 19, 2009


I had such a nice surprise this morning when I awakened! New pictures of Andrew! So here he is, for those of you who have been asking how he has changed. He was about to fall asleep, as you will see in the last photo. I am more than amazed that Deana was able to capture them all together in one place, which I am SURE was no small task! LOL!

Please continue to pray for us and for the judge presiding over our case. Our court date was Dec. 29th, and we are waiting to hear the judge's decision/first decree. Please also remember Luke and Deana in your prayers. As you can see, they have their hands MORE than full.......

"Hey Anna, on the count of 3 LET'S ROLL outta here!! 1.....2....."

Josiah: "May I PLEASE go to sleep NOW?"

Andrew: "Stay's all gonna be OK....uh, I THINK...."

Anna: "These boys are HILARIOUS!!"

Carson: "Lullaby, and goodnight....."

Four Precious Blessings

This is OUR version of the White Swan Red Couch photo. TOO CUTE!

While thinking about how busy the children all keep Deana, Luke, and Pauline, Andrew pauses for a sweet moment of prayer..............


HisTaiHens said...

Too Cute!!! They are adorable! I can't help but think how blessed we and they are!! What a good home and a good family and what good homes and families they are going to!!!
God is soo good!!!
Waiting with you on news!

Sarah k said...

WOW.... your and becky's commentary is almost more interesting that the kids.. lol....

Sarah k

(you will be investing much in haircuts)