Saturday, January 26, 2008

God Knows Your Heart

Tonight our church family had a wonderful ladies meeting! We had just completed a fast and we shared what the Lord is doing in our lives. We also had a wonderful time of prayer together! While many people know that we are in the process of adopting our child from Taiwan, many do not know that Jarrod and I have been praying about beginning an adoption ministry through our church. During the meeting, God spoke directly to me through one of the precious women in our congregation. Frances looked at me and said "the Lord knows your love for the orphans, because He loves you the same way. He will bring it to pass." I knew in my spirit that this was a direct word from the Lord for me, confirming that He is leading and guiding us as we step out in faith for the precious orphaned children! It is so exciting to serve the Lord, and I just can't imagine life without Him! What a mighty God we serve!!

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