Monday, December 31, 2007

Activity Time

Today was such a fun time with the children! This morning after breakfast I gave Matthew an assortment of pots, pans, and fitting lids. We had so much fun stacking and banging them together! Matilyn even joined in the fun.

Next we each took two spoons and had a parade, all three of us marching around the house while tapping our spoons together and singing some of our favorite songs.

After the parade, Matthew was interested in spending more time with the pots and pans, so Matilyn and I sat at the table and played a game. We had a big bowl of Goldfish crackers, and each had our own empty bowl. We took turns rolling the die and then counting out that number of Goldfish into our bowl. At the end of the game (when the Goldfish had all been placed into our bowls) we each counted our crackers. She loved this game!

For our next activity we took cheerios and threaded them onto a long piece of dental floss. When we were done we tied floss together and Matilyn had an edible necklace. This was a BIG hit! While eating the Cheerios she looked at me with this HUGE smile on her face and said, "This is GREAT!" Matthew joined in and ate a ton of Cheerios himself. LOL!

For our final morning activity we took big diaper boxes and tied scarves through the side (handle area) and over the top to make a handle of sorts. We called them trains! We made invitations to a party for our stuffed animals, and delivered the invitations to them. Then we loaded the animals into the "trains" and off we went. The children pulled the animals around and around the house. It was so funny! Then we stopped near their play kitchen, where we prepared a feast for the party. We lined up all of the animals along the wall and set their party table. They even sang happy birthday to Matilyn's favorite bear, who was happy to wear his special birthday hat. The children couldn't wait to load up the trains again and pull the animals all around the house. Matilyn even took hers to the playroom, calling it the Children's Museum! Those stuffed animals had a ball! We had a snack and then it was nap time. Whew! Mommy was tired after all of that playing. :)

After nap time daddy was home! I spent some time reading the Bible with Matilyn while daddy played with Matthew in the play room. After reading it was time for some tweezer fun! Yes, you heard correctly. I gaveMatilyn a bowl of dry beans, a bowl of macaroni, a bowl of Cheerios, and an empty bowl. I showed her how to use the tweezers to transport the different items into her bowl. She loved this one and sat for quite a while transferring the various items. I read that this is a good game for improving a child's coordination and small muscles. I'll tell you, it was a big hit!

We noticed that the sun was shining and checked the temp outside. To our delight it was fairly warm. We all bundled up and had some family time outdoors. We chased each other in the yard and ran around with Andi for a while. I brought Matthew in early to allow for some daddy/daughter and mommy/son time. Matthew and I had a great time stacking large block and knocking them down. We also read his favorite book, Baby Boo!

After dinner it was bath time. Daddy had fun bathing Matthew while mommy allowed Matilyn to squirt shaving cream into a large tupperware bowl and mix a drop of food coloring into it. This makes great fingerpaint for the tub! Then it was bath time! The tub was foamy and the entire room smelled like a freshly shaven daddy! LOL! It was a great end to a fun filled day.

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